How to Enroll at Liberty

Liberty High School is a school of choice for families looking for a safe, small, and inclusive learning environment. We primarily serve students over the age of 16 and who are looking for a more student-centered approach to education.We specialized in creating individualized learning plans centered around students’ interests and needs.  Academic plans may include credit recovery, dual Community College enrollment and possibly accelerated academic path resulting in early graduation.

Current BUSD Students

To enroll, please contact your student’s counselor at Benicia High School to discuss transferring to Liberty.

Students outside Benicia USD | IDA (Inter-District Transfer)

When a parent has a compelling reason and wants their student to attend a school outside of the district of residence they must obtain an IDA (Inter-District Transfer).  

Benicia Unified welcomes students seeking an IDA, however, will not consider IDA requests after May 15th of the current school year.

Please take note of the following three important points:

  • Release approval by the home district does not guarantee, or imply, transfer approval by the Benicia Unified School District.
  • When applying, please indicate LIBERTY HIGH SCHOOL. 
  • If your student is receiving Special Education and/or Speech Language Services, please attach the most recent IEP. 

For more information for the IDA process, please use the following link: 

BUSD’s Interdistrict Attendance Agreements (IDAs)

If you have additional questions or would like a tour, please contact Liberty High School at 707-747-8323.