Zachary Pless


Nickname: Mr. Pless
Hobbies / Interests: Kayaking, Skiing, Hiking, Playing with my three sons
Fun Fact #1: Went to college in Zimbabwe for a semester
Fun Fact #2: Had a few webbed fingers until I was five years old

Linda Ladd

Office Manager

Nickname: Auntie Gee Gee
Hobbies / Interests: Road Trips, Jazzercise, and going to see plays
Fun Fact #1: Saw a play on Broadway in New York
Fun Fact #2: I met Sammy Davis Jr.

Sarah Trumbly

Science Teacher

Nickname: N/A
Hobbies / Interests: Crafts, Cats, Chickens
Fun Fact #1: I have lots of siblings but I am an only child.
Fun Fact #2: I am planning a trip to Italy and France.

Joseph Vogel

School Psychologist

Nickname: Joey
Hobbies / Interests: Taking walks or hiking, trying Ina Garten recipes, practicing Spanish, and playing video games.
Fun Fact #1: I used to be pretty good on the piano.
Fun Fact #2: One year in college, I spent the summer in Spain.

Chris Winder


Nickname: Chris
Hobbies / Interests: Sports, going to new places, taking the dog to the beach, coaching my son’s baseball team, and family
Fun Fact #1: Own Chickens
Fun Fact #2: Umpired in Cooperstown

Cliff Nelson

English, Leadership, Outdoor Ed, Sports

Nickname: Nelly
Hobbies / Interests: Baseball, Hunting, Fishing, Basketball, Archery.
Fun Fact #1: I sang the National Anthem at my Graduation.
Fun Fact #2: I’m a Hunter’s Education Instructor

Jody Smith

School Counselor

Nickname: N/A
Hobbies / Interests: cycling, canoeing, camping w/family, going to the movie theater, spending time outdoors in sunny weather.
Fun Fact #1: I have a pet mini pig named Penelope
Fun Fact #2: Redvines are my special after dinner treat.

Chad Pound

Teacher, Coach, Adviser

Nickname: N/A
Hobbies / Interests: I enjoy spending time with my family preferably outside. I enjoy surfing, hiking, camping and generally being active. I also enjoy basketball and am a long time season ticket holder for Cal Basketball.
Fun Fact #1: Before my dream job at Liberty I worked a variety of jobs including blowing up balloons at car dealerships, writing a fourth grade online History textbook, and administrating class B drivers test.
Fun Fact #2: Despite my youthful appearance I am now the longest tenured Liberty High School teacher

Kathleen Sauter

Resource Teacher

Nickname: Mrs. Otter
Hobbies / Interests: Beach, camping, traveling
Fun Fact #1: I traveled through Europe as a teen in a youth symphony and visited England, Scotland, Germany and Austria.
Fun Fact #2: I have 4 children, 4 cats, 2 dogs and am married to my husband who I met in the 5th grade.

Sofia Bertoldi

Best Friend with Food

Nickname: Fia
Hobbies / Interests: Rollin’ Wit My Hommies, Chillin’ Out Max N Relaxin’ Out Coo, Eating
Fun Fact #1: Giraffes can lick the inside of their own ear.
Fun Fact #2: Stressed is just Dessert spelled backwards!

Javier Martinez

Campus Supervisor / Mentor

Nickname: Javi
Hobbies / Interests: BHS Boys and Girls Varsity’s soccer coach
Fun Fact #1: Ms Ladd calls me Diva
Fun Fact #2: I suck at fantasy football